I am a Ph.D candidate in mathematics at the Ohio State University.

Before coming to OSU, I finished my BS in mathematics at the Seoul National University in South Korea.

I am generally interested in understanding emergent behavior of complex dynamical systems through concrete mathematical models, and designing distributed algorithms for networked control. Probability theory and combinatorics are my bread and butter.

The problems so far I have studied are related to: pulse-coupled oscillators, cellular automata, interacting particle systems, distributed algorithms, random walks, box-ball system, and parking process.

Check out my statement for a friendly introduction to my research written in plain English.  Here is my  CV_lyu.

My thesis advisor is David Sivakoff.

My collaborators are Janko Gravner, Lionel LevineJohn PikeFacundo Memoli, Matthew Junge, Eric Foxall, and Micheal Damron.