Journal Publications

  • Hanbaek Lyu and David Sivakoff, “Persistence of sums of correlated increments and clustering in cellular automata.” Stochastic Processes and Applications (to appear).
  • Eric Foxall and Hanbaek Lyu, “Clustering in the three and four color cyclic particle systems in one dimension.Journal of Statistical Physics (2018).

    Clock synchronization on Moore grid via 64-state adaptive 4-coupling
  • Hanbaek Lyu, “Global synchronization of pulse-coupled oscillators on trees.”  SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems  (to appear). arXiv:1604.08381.
  • Janko Gravner, Hanbaek Lyu, and David Sivakoff, “Limiting behavior of 3-color excitable media on arbitrary graphs.” Annals of Applied Probability (to appear). arXiv:1610.07320
  • Hanbaek Lyu, “Synchronization of finite-state pulse-coupled oscillators.“, Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 303 (2015): 28-38. arXiv:1407.1103


  • Michael Damron, Janko Gravner, Matthew Junge, Hanbaek Lyu, and David Sivakoff, “Parking on transitive unimodular graphs.” (2017)
  • Lionel Levine, Hanbaek Lyu, and John Pike, “Double jump phase transition in a random soliton cellular automaton.” (2017)
  • Hanbaek Lyu and David Sivakoff, “Synchronization of finite-state pulse-coupled oscillators on Z.” Submitted. (2017)
  • Hanbaek Lyu, “Phase transition in firefly cellular automaton on finite trees.” arXiv:1610.00837 (2016)
  • Hanbaek Lyu, “Chromatic number, induced cycles, and non-separating cycles.” Submitted. arxiv:1211.0627 (2016)

In  preparation

  • Hanbaek Lyu, Facundo Memoli, and David Sivakoff, “Combinatorial profiles and hierarchical structures of networks.” In preparation
  • Hanbaek Lyu, Pavlo Pylyavskyy, and Arnab Sen, “Box-ball system initialized at random permutation.” In preparation

Undergraduate works

  • Hanbaek Lyu, “A note on the graph characteristics and Hadwiger’s conjecture.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1203.3710 (2012)